Pediatric Visual Deficits

Other Neural Disorders

Neucodia is a novel electrophysiological instrument designed for quick and reliable visual function assessment in clinical environment. Collaborated with leading clinicians and scientists across US, the clinical testing and evaluation included early stage glaucoma, diabetic reinopathy and amblyopia. Check the applications you are interested for clinical testing cases. The following is a list of some advantages of using Neucodia:

Unlike conventional VEP test, novel visual stimulation including patented icVEP pattern can tap the specific visual neural pathways. Automated data collection, display and artifact rejection and the feature that enables a simple final result “Pass” or “Fail” based on statistical algorithms simplifies interpretation.


No verbal response or “button pushing” is required, which enables testing of preverbal children, infants, and patients with communication disabilities.  Automated visual acuity estimation in Snellen chart system is also available.

Designed for use in a physician’s office. Neucodia is operator and patient friendly. All the tests are  non-invasive. Each test can be completed in a few minutes, and results are displayed immediately

Reimbursement: CPT Code 95930

  • CPT Code 95930, Visual Evoked Potential (VEP) testing the central nervous system, is a procedure code established by the AMA
  • Commercial and Medicare plan payments range from $60 to $160 per test
  • Verisci staff will provide assistance with insurance and medical coding reimbursement questions