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VeriSci is committed to provide quality medical products and services for screening, diagnosis, monitoring and scientific investigations of sensori-neural disorders. We offer complete VEP testing systems, single and multi-channel amplifiers/filters and accessories for EEG recording and analysis.



Neucodia System


Neucodia is a noninvasive, objective medical device that can be used in clinical practice, hospitals, and research laboratories for quick and reliable assessment of visual function. It is a novel electroencephalographic (EEG) device that provides select stimuli, synchronized data acquisition, amplification with adjustable filter settings, rich data processing tools in time and frequency domains, and statistical analyses. It is also equipped with a mouse-driven graphical user interface and automatic outlier removal algorithms, which facilitate easier, quicker, more accurate and reliable measurements of visual evoked potentials (VEPs) and pattern electroretinograms (PERGs).


Neucodia has 510k clearance from the FDA and is fully compliant with ISCEV standards. Our newest model of the device can be configured for a variety of applications that involve visual disorders including early-stage glaucoma, amblyopia, diabetic retinopathy and other neurological disorders. For different users or a particular application click the links on the top of the page or check our Clinical Testing and News section for more information. For more detailed function descriptions and technical specifications of the system click here


Users: Ophthalmologists, optometrists, vision researchers, neurologists and trained technicians.

Patients: Individuals at-risk for visual pathway dysfunction or with confirmed ophthalmic or neurological disorders.

Environments: Clinical offices, hospitals and research laboratories.

Neucodia functions and specifications




The amplifier has a built-in bandwidth filter. It enlarges the EEG signal from the electrodes for digitizing. The design of the amplifier complies with the International Society for Clinical Electrophysiology of vision (ISCEV) standard and FDA regulatory requirements. 


Model:                                            fafe -20
Channels:                                        1 and 4 differential channels
Gain:                                              20,000
Bandwidth filter:                               0.5 – 100 Hz
Optional:                                         Customized gain and bandwidth
Common mode rejection ratio (CMRR):   > 120 dB
Input Impedance:                              2x1012 Ohm
Isolation voltage:                              1.5 kV
Input noise:                                     1 mV p-p (10 Hz)
Input range:                                     + 25 mV
Power supply:                                   +8 - +15 VDC
Connector type:                               1.5 mm Male Safety jacks

·         Gold–cup electrodes with leads and connectors
·         Disposable Ag/AgCl EEG electrodes 
·         Leads with snap connectors for disposable electrodes 
·         EEG paste
·         Skin preparation gel