NEUCODIA VEP testing system is a child-friendly medical device for assessment of visual deficits in children 6 months of age or older

What is amblyopia? 

Amblyopia refers to reduced vision in one or both eyes caused by visual deprivation in childhood. That is, even with proper eyeglasses, an eye with amblyopia does not see well! It is often reversible with the appropriate treatment. The term "lazy eye" is often used to describe amblyopia of the visual pathways in the brain that allow an individual eye to "see." That is, because of improper stimulation of the involved eye, the portion of the brain serving that eye does not develop properly.


Vision disorders can be very difficult to detect, especially in young children. Most children believe what they see are everyone sees, even though a vision problem exists.  If the disease is left undetected and untreated, numerous vision problems, like amblyopia, can result in blindness. In addition, children who have visual impairments may have greater difficulties learning and their social development may negatively affected.


Operation of Neucodia is easy and simple. Upon positioning three sensory pads on your child’s head, an operator starts the test. Your child watches a computer monitor starting with a short cartoon animation followed by 10 second stimulus display. The total testing time for both eyes is about 2 minutes. Neucodia measures the electrical signals transmitted from your child’s eye to the brain - the visual neural pathway. The test is objective. No verbal response or “button pushing” is needed, which enables testing of preverbal children and infants with communication difficulties.
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Reimbursement: CPT Code 95930

  • CPT Code 95930, Visual Evoked Potential (VEP) testing the central nervous system, is a procedure code established by the AMA
  • Commercial and Medicare plan payments range from $60 to $160 per test
  • Verisci staff will provide assistance with insurance and medical coding reimbursement questions