VeriSci specializes in electrophysiological devices for assessment of visual function. The Neucodia system (FDA cleared) integrates cutting-edge technologies, superior engineering, and protocols for the latest scientific discoveries in the field. Designed for research and clinical applications, the instrument includes a stimulus generator with high refresh-rate, a linearization feature with 16-bit luminance resolution, low-noise amplifiers, synchronized data collection, sweep functions, automated outlier removal, and data processing for sophisticated statistical estimation and quantification of responses in time and frequency domains.

Development of Neucodia was aided by funding from the National Institutes of Health via Phase I and Phase II SBIR grants. Currently, VeriSci is involved in clinical testing in collaboration with leading universities and hospitals across the U.S. to advance novel electrophysiological applications in the clinic. Our newest model of the device can be configured for a variety of applications that involve visual disorders including early-stage glaucoma, amblyopia, diabetic retinopathy and other neurological disorders. Check our Product section for more information.

VeriSci’s mission is to become a world leader in providing quality medical equipment for diagnosis, screening, research and monitoring of sensori-neural disorders.